Litigation is often the most expensive aspect of any legal representation. From court appearances to alternative dispute resolution, Fadli & Fadli works closely with clients to create individually tailored approaches in litigation that balances the client’s goals with efficiency.

While each case is different, Fadli & Fadli works to take advantage of the numerous resources available to it through California’s reputable alternative dispute resolution services offered by various State and private institutions. By taking a holistic and collaborative approach to litigation, Fadli & Fadli works to keep costs down while still working to ensure the best result for its clients. After all, the less a client has to spend on litigation, the greater the likelihood that a client will make some recovery of costs and losses throughout the litigation process whether through settlement or judgment.

Fadli & Fadli litigates the following:

  • Contract Disputes
  • Land Use Disputes
  • Trade Disputes
  • Employment Disputes
  • Auto Accidents
  • Civil Rights